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OcuSci Dry Eye Compress


The OcuSci™ Dry Eye Hot/Cold Compress is recommended by eye doctors to provide deep penetrating moist heat treatment for instant relief of dry, itchy eyes.

The OcuSci™ Dry Eye Compress helps treat:

  • Dry eye syndrome
  • Meibomian gland dysfunction
  • TMJ
  • Sinus pressure, tension, stress, conjunctivitis and sties

New! The HydroHeat™️ machine-washable cover delivers therapeutic heat and moisture longer than any other compress!


The ONLY compress with a machine-washable Cover & Storage Bag!

Antimicrobial and lasts for years, the OcuSci™ Dry Eye Compress will not support bacterial or fungal growth, unlike grain and seed products.

Use Hot or Cold!

The OcuSci™ Dry Eye Compress is safe, effective and convenient:

  • Just heat in the microwave for 20 seconds or in the oven for 4 minutes @240°F
  • Provides heat and moisture for 10 minutes
  • Machine-washable, wicking cover holds moisture longer than any other compress
  • Put in the freezer to treat swollen, puffy eyes
  • Washable and reusable for years


Alleviates symptoms of:
Dry eye
Meibomian gland dysfunction
Irritation and sore eyes
Soothing relief of:
Hay fever/allergies
Sinus headaches
TMJ (hot or cold)
Tired, itchy, puffy sore eyes

Compare to the competition.

FACTS OcuSci™️
Hot/Cold Compress
Warm moist heat, microwave heated 20 seconds
Cold treatment: 1 hour in freezer
Oven heating capability: 4 minutes @240° F
Removable, washable wicking cover to retain moisture
Retains temperature at 47-42° C for 10 minutes*
Storage bag

*OcuSci™️ is 30% heavier than the Bruder™️ compress and will maintain its heat at 47° to 42° C and 100% RH for 10 minutes. The Bruder™️ compress drops to less than 50% RH.


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