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"Thank you ProMed Eye Health for providing a high quality Macula 2 Omega-3 product. I have trouble swallowing large pills and so limit the number of vitamins and supplements I take. Because I limit my supplements I wanted to be sure that the Omega 3 product was of the highest quality, and worth being one of the few supplements I take. I have no trouble swallowing your Macula 2 Omega 3 product and believe that the high quality is worth the extra cost over a Costco product that is likely filled with fillers. And thank you for your quick delivery to Canmore, Alberta."
Donna B.
BioDrop MD® Dry Eye Drops & Spray
"I just love dealing with the owners and staff at Promed Eye Health. They are always so friendly and willing to work with me and accommodate any requests I have. The eye drops have made my life so much better as I suffer from dry eye and seasonal allergies. All of their supplements are very high quality and have been working really well for me. I highly recommend Promed Eye Health! Even if you aren't sure if they can help you or not, give them a call and they are just so friendly to talk to, it will brighten your day and they will be more than willing to assist you or point you in the right direction!"
Glenda S.
"I am taking the Macula 2 Omega 3 as well as the Biodrop eye drops. My eyes feel great, I can even use the eye drops when I am wearing makeup. The staff at ProMed are the best to deal with!"
Tina A.
"I was recommended the Macula 2 Omega 3 pills by my optometrist several years ago due to dry eyes and to prevent macular degeneration. Thanks to this product, I can continue wearing my contacts comfortably on a daily basis. The customer support is amazing, they responded to my inquiry within a few hours with a personal message. The shipping was super fast and reliable even though I no longer live in Canada. I would highly recommend this company and products to others!"
Zaheeda V.
"The people at ProMed Eye Health are amazing! Knowledgeable, friendly and always professional. We especially like the eye spray. After staring at a computer screen all day it provides instant refreshment for tired, itchy eyes. So superior to anything we have ever used. I highly recommend ProMed!"
Genevieve E.
"For years I have suffered with seasonal allergies. Over the counter products never were effective. I contacted the friendly folks at ProMed, they listened to my concerns and recommended the Piiloset Biodrop comfort eye drops and for my eye strain, the OcuSci eye compress. At last I have found the products that are truly effective! My eyes feel 100% better & comfortable even outdoors in allergy season. The compress is so comforting and easy to use. Their products are natural, which is very important to me and exceptionally effective. Thank you so much for relieving my agony!"
Wayne R.
“I was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and again in 2012. The chemotherapy that I had caused my cholesterol level to be in a high ratio putting me at risk for a heart attack. My low-density lipoprotein (LDL) was low but my high-density lipoprotein (HDL) was extremely low. Because the oral chemotherapy that I still continue to take interacts with cholesterol medication, it is important to try and control cholesterol through diet. For a number of years I have done that and then a couple of years ago, my husband put me on Macula 2 Omega-3. After 1 year, my ratio started to change. My LDL was still low but my HDL started to increase. This past year, the blood test indicated that my LDL dropped a little but my HDL increase further and I am now considered to not be at risk for a heart attack. Thank you so much for your formula and the quality of the omega’s you use. As a person who has been through cancer, you constantly worry about what you’re putting into your body. One of the warnings I was given by a doctor at Inspire Health was to make sure you have a high quality omega 3 because the lower quality can create other problems. I love having the confidence that what I’m putting in my body with Macula 2 Omega-3 is high quality and I have the blood tests to prove it has put my cholesterol level into a no risk level. Again thank you so much.”
Judi Wallace, BA (Hons), MA, APC
"I am working fiber optics regularly, have a family history of macular degeneration, and am older now. That is a triple threat so my eyes are very strained. It is a big part of my life that has been helped out very much by the products and services provided by ProMed Eye Health. They have been very informative. In fact, I may not be able to function daily without their wonderful assistance in keeping my eyes healthy. Thanks for being so great to deal with."
James B.
"I had significant cornea scarring from undiagnosed dry eye disease. I had tried various eye drops over the years, but they stung my eyes and did very little to help ease the irritation which dry eye causes. My cornea specialist stressed that I must use eye drops three times a day along with other recommendations. While at my regular eye doctor I saw the BIODROP MD’s being sold and was told that people really liked them. Well not only do I like them, but as a result of using them for nearly two years, every day, I cannot believe the difference in my eyesight. I have had three eye surgeries during that time, but I know that the way my eyes feel has nothing to do with the surgeries and everything to do with the eye drops. Unlike other products, your eyes immediately feel soothed by the ingredients not dried out. After using BioDrops for 6 months I noticed in the mornings when I woke up my eyes still felt as if they had some lubricant in them. I use them 3 times daily STILL and will continue to do so for the rest of my life."
Cynthia D.
"I began taking ProMed's Macula 2 Essentials last fall following the recommendation of a friend — after I told my friend about my new diagnosis of cataracts. In just 6 months after taking the capsules, I no longer need to use my glasses to watch TV. I am also able to drive at night without worry of veering into other lanes. I am so over-joyed with these results I plan to continue taking these capsules in order to avoid having cataract surgery. I am looking forward to the next meeting with my optometrist. Thank you so much ProMed Eye Health - I am sure we will be friends forever!!"
Janet P.