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Biodrop md®

"Aaahs" for your eyes— clinical relief, delivered to your door.

    BioDrop MD

  • all products are preservative-free, non-irritating, with no animal ingredients
  • safe to use with contact lenses and makeup
  • developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy & Asthma Foundation
  • also safe for pets

Natural drops for instant, long-lasting relief

• contains hyaluronan, a natural, super-powerful moisturizer
• safe to use with contact lenses
• keeps eyes moist and relaxed
• relieves symptoms of dry eye disease
• expedites healing of cornea damage
• designed to resemble healthy tear film with 0.2% hyaluronan
• 250 drops, easily dispensed

BioDrop MD Yellow

Extra relief for moderate to severe dry eye

• contains trehalose and hyaluronan for very high water retention
• the benefits of a gel, yet feels like tear film
• does not blur vision
• heals damaged epithelial cells
• lasts much longer on the eye compared to drugstore brands
• 2.0% trehalose, 0.25% hyaluronan
• 240 drops, easily dispensed

BioDrop MD Plus

Easy-to-use spray for dry eyes & lids

• easy alternative to eye drops
• can be used with makeup
• recommended for contact lens wearers
• with sea buckthorn seed oil and hyaluronan
• micro-emulsion strengthens the structure of tear film with every blink
• moisturizes mucous membranes
• rich in omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E
• 300 sprays, easily dispensed

BioDrop MD