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Over 20 years of providing premium, professional eye care products

ProMed Eye Health was founded in 2000, and the company continues to be a trusted resource for eye care professionals. ProMed provides the highest quality, premium products to eye clinics and their patients in Canada. Now, ProMed’s pure, professional-grade eye care solutions can be shipped worldwide— for relief at home from dry eye discomfort— or to protect and improve vision outcomes for those prone to macular degeneration, an age-associated form of hereditary blindness.

With a background in biochemistry, ProMed founder Gord Berti has had decades of experience as a team member developing care regimens for surgical procedures and vision correction. His proprietary formulations of research-backed nutritional supplements are naturally sourced and carefully optimized. ProMed’s ClearChoice Hypochlorous Spray and Wipes also contain only the purest ingredients to support eye and skin health.

In addition to formulating ClearChoice Hypochlorous Products and the proprietary MACULA 2 brand of omega-3 and AREDS 2 multivitamin supplements, Gord Berti and his team at ProMed Eye Health research and source the most current, preservative-free dry eye treatments from Europe. These premium products used to be available only at clinics. Now, they can be shipped directly to you, wherever you live.

Gord Berti

Gord Berti spent his early career in operating rooms, consulting with surgeons performing cataract removal and corneal transplants. In the early 1980s, he consulted on the design of the revolutionary soft toric and gas-permeable contact lenses. He then provided lens consultations for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and contact lens fitters across Canada. In 1990, under the flagship of Ocular Sciences, Gord introduced Canada to the Biomedics disposable contact lens, and became their National Sales Manager. Then, in 2000, Gord and his wife Linda founded ProMed Eye Health. Linda Berti currently oversees all operations of the ProMed Group.

ProMed Eye Health has represented Ophthapharma, Sifi, American Optical Surgical, Strategic Lens Innovations Corp., Panasept Manufacturing and I-Med Pharma, specializing in ocular surgical products, viscoelastics, dry eye products and contact lens solutions. Today, the company’s focus is providing premium products for macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome— and personalized, friendly service for each patient.