About ProMed Eye Health

We proudly provide premium products for dry eye and macular degeneration
Gord and Linda Berti own our company and are the reason we do business from the heart. They truly care about your eyes – and you. They care about the clinics we provide products to. Something that sets us apart from our big pharma competitors is the fact that our owners are easily approachable and accessible. They both speak to eye doctors, clinic staff and patients on a daily basis and can make immediate decisions. They make sure we all provide exemplary customer service, always acknowledging that our company depends on a terrific team. From accounting to IT to shipping to our warehouse and manufacturing facility, every one of us is passionate about helping people. And that is the ProMed Promise.

Gord Berti

Gord brings a wealth of knowledge to the optical industry, having spent many hours in the operating room observing and consulting with eye doctors as they perform cataract surgery and corneal transplants. In the early 1980’s he designed soft toric and gas permeable contact lenses and provided lens consultations for doctors and contact lens fitters across Canada. In 1990, under the flagship of Ocular Sciences, Gord introduced the Biomedics disposable contact lens into Canada and became their National Sales Manager. In the year 2000 Gord and his wife Linda established ProMed Services Ltd., now operating as ProMed Eye Health. He is also the formulator of our proprietary MACULA 2 products.

ProMed Eye Health has represented Opthapharma, Sifi, American Optical Surgical, Strategic Lens Innovations Corp., Panasept Manufacturing and I-Med Pharma, specializing in ocular surgical products, viscoelastics, dry eye products and contact lens solutions. Today our company’s focus is premium products for macular degeneration and dry eye syndrome.

Also an accomplished musician, Gord has personally struggled with eye challenges all his life, including severe dry eye syndrome. He fully empathizes with others suffering with eye problems, which is why he has dedicated his life’s work to helping, spending hours a week researching and making sure ProMed provides what we feel are the best products available on the market today.

Linda Berti

Linda’s Grandma Hazel lost her sight by the age of 12 so Linda also has a very personal connection to eye health, fueling her to learn as much as she can about how we can help by ensuring we provide the best products at the best price point. The purple in our branding and head office decor reflect her Grandma’s favorite colour.

Widely known as “Your Car Girl”, Linda semi-retired from her own company a couple years ago to run ProMed operations full-time. A pioneer for women in the auto industry, her amazing career spanning over 4 decades, Linda has been a car nut from a very young age. Also a spirited entrepreneur, she is the enthusiastic person who keeps us all on our toes and provides the laughter in our office. It would be an understatement to say that Linda loves talking to people. She frequently insists on answering the phone when we’re busy, sharing stories and laughing loudly. She also plays jokes on the staff …

If you call and get her on the line, you’ll definitely know she is happy to hear from you!