BioDrop MD® Plus

Preservative free multidose comfort eye drop.


Two natural polysaccharides – trehalose and hyaluronan. The lubricating and moisture-binding properties together balance the natural composition of tear film and protect the eyes from drying.

These two ingredients have been balanced by molecular weights to offer superior binding properties, presenting the most advanced treatment for dry eye syndrome.


  • Trehalose – very high water retention
  • Protects against desiccating (drying) cells
  • Not too thick nor gel-like, but has all the benefits of a gel
  • Does not blur vision


  • Natural ingredient found in skin, joints, eyes
  • Maintains moisture
  • Heals damaged epithelial cells
  • Lasts much longer on the eye compared to commercial brands


  • 2.0% trehalose, 0.25% hyaluronan
  • Delivers 240 drops – easily dispensed

BioDrop MD® Plus