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“Why do my eyes hurt?” Phones, screens dry and damage eyes

It seems that watery, burning, irritated eyes are everywhere these days. Surprisingly, even children are asking, “Why do my eyes hurt?” [1] Because of this, parents and teachers are becoming concerned. Did you know that 60% of us spend an average of five to six hours a day staring at phone screens? And for teens and “tweens” it’s often nine hours or more. Because we stare continuously at a screen, we’re blinking a lot less frequently. Consequently, blinking less can cause a painful, chronic medical condition called “Digital Eye Syndrome”. [2] Could screen overuse be the answer to “Why do my eyes hurt?” The answer is yes.

Fortunately, there is effective, professional relief available if your eyes hurt from screen time. Certainly you don’t have to stop using your phone! The ProMed TechEye Care Package has been thoughtfully created by eye-care experts to heal your hurting eyes. To this end, it includes easy-to-use, medical-grade, soothing, healing treatments. Plus, it can be delivered right to your door.

"I am taking the Omega-3 as well as the [BioDrop MD]. My eyes feel great, I can even use [it] when I am wearing makeup."

Tina A.

“My eyes hurt” — interrupt phone time with quick eye breaks

Eye doctors agree that a multi-level “from the inside out” approach helps keep your eyes from hurting. First, have the preservative-free ProMed drops or spray in the TechEye Care Package nearby. Next, take scheduled, frequent breaks from your screen. For example, set a timer and take a two-minute pause from your screen every 30 minutes. Finally, make sure your eyes are nourished and hydrated by taking ProMed Omega-3 supplements daily. These professionally formulated supplements improve the quality of your tears— from the inside out.

During each quick “screen-time break”, a little spritz of BioDrop MD Spray is an easy, simple way to care for yourself whenever you’re thinking “My eyes hurt”. Give those hurting eyes a chance to rehydrate. To do this, the refreshing, handy BioDrop MD Spray quickly supports formation of a healthier, more comfortable tear film in seconds.

Dry eyes rom screentime

In addition, if your eyes hurt, you can apply the ProMed OcuSci treatment mask— hot or cold. Pop it in the microwave, and this compress directs clean, moist heat therapy to your hurting eyes. Or, keep it in the freezer to give your eyes some refreshing, soothing coolness.

Preservative-free spray— easy treatment for kids whose eyes hurt

easy treatment for kids whose eyes hurt

Eye drops can be tricky for kids (and adults!) to handle. For example, there is a lot of coordination and holding still required to make sure a drop actually gets into the eye. But a spray? Hooray! That’s SO much easier. Just hold the bottle in front of your face, close your eyes, and press down on the pump. The perfect amount of BioDrop MD Spray treatment finds its way into your eyes to soothe them— every time you blink.

BioDrop MD Spray is an easy and effective solution for children and young people asking “Why do my eyes hurt?” Plus, adults find that having a bottle on their desk or bedside table is a great way to remind them to take frequent eye-hydration breaks. This specially formulated spray is medical-grade. It contains hyaluronan, a natural hydrating ingredient found in our own bodies.

Stinging eyes? “Digital dry eye” has many symptoms

Healthy eyes produce comforting, lubricating tears all the time. Additionally, more watery tears might form sometimes to clear out debris or comfort a temporary irritation. But if our eyes stay open too long, staring at our devices, the quality of our tear film gets out of balance. Consequently, a cycle of irritation and damage can take hold.

Dry eye symptoms include:

  • A sensation of “something in my eye”
  • Discomfort wearing contact lenses
  • “Scratchy” eyes
  • Mucus in or near eyes
  • Irritation and excessive tearing
  • Blurred vision / eye fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Redness
  • Difficulty driving at night

If your tear film is “thin", eyes suffer

Your eyes normally produce a healthy “tear film”. This glossy lubrication has three essential components: water, fatty oils, and mucus. A good balance of these three ingredients keeps the surface of your eyes well protected and comfortable. If you, like most of us, use screens frequently, your tears are probably “thin”, and your eyes may hurt.

Sometimes, our lack of blinking can even lead to permanent injury. [3] The good news is that no matter where you are in the dry eye cycle, your eyes will hurt less if you use the treatments in a ProMed TechEye Care Package.

It’s poor quality— not less quantity— of tears 

If your eyes are producing lots of “thin” tears that don’t contain the right balance of oils and saline, your eyes certainly won’t seem “dry”. But this “wetness” actually means your eyes are starving for what they truly need. Similarly, opening your eyes underwater can feel this way, too. Your eyes get wet, but that wetness isn’t lubricating the surface of your eyes! Eventually, if your eyes burn and feel irritated often, there could be many tears and wetness. But if there is a blockage of glands or ducts— this affects the tear film balance.

What can be done? The ProMed TechEye Care Package restores a soothing balance to thin tears from the inside out. A convenient, preservative-free spray with hyaluronan can immediately hydrate and lubricate the eyes and lids in seconds. Moisture-boosting hyaluronan [4] combined with a spa-like therapy mask are a great combination. The pure, professionally formulated, nutrient-rich ProMed Omega-3 supplements support proper tear production from the inside out. Help is finally on the way if you’ve been asking, “Why do my eyes hurt?”

In conclusion, the ProMed TechEye Care Package provides everything you’ll need for any member of your family whose eyes hurt from using screens. Each care package contains:

BioDrop MD Spray with hyaluronan

ProMed Omega-3 supplements

Soothing eye therapy mask