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Eyes burning, irritated, and watery? It could be “dry eye”

It’s a fact: most people with watery or burning eyes don’t suspect they may have “dry eye”. After all, it feels like their eyes are too wet, not too dry! So how could watery, burning eyes be “dry”? Surely, it’s a confusing name. 

To help you understand and solve this problem, we will explain the symptoms and causes of dry eye. [1] You’ll also learn about the ProMed Eye Rescue Care Package, a professional combination of natural, preservative-free, proven eye therapy. But this care package of instant, soothing relief for your burning eyes isn’t at the drugstore. However, this optimized solution can be delivered right to your door.

"I had significant cornea scarring from undiagnosed dry eye disease. [After using BioDrop MD] I cannot believe the difference in my eyesight... I use [it] daily... and will continue to do so for the rest of my life."

Cynthia D.

Healthy eyes produce comforting, lubricating tears all the time. Additionally, more watery tears might form sometimes to clear out debris or comfort a temporary irritation. But if the irritation persists, or the quality of the tear film is out of balance, you may say it “feels like something in my eye”. Consequently, a cycle of irritation can take hold. Besides stinging, wet, burning eyes, other symptoms of dry eye include:

  • A sensation of “something in my eye”
  • Discomfort wearing contact lenses
  • “Scratchy” eyes
  • Mucus in or near eyes
  • Irritation and excessive tearing
  • Blurred vision / eye fatigue
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Redness
  • Difficulty driving at night

The cycle of irritation: “feels like something in my eye”

Your eyes normally produce a healthy “tear film”. This glossy lubrication has three essential components: water, fatty oils, and mucus. A good balance of these three ingredients keeps the surface of your eyes well protected and comfortable. If your tears are low on any of these ingredients, your tears will be “thin”. Consequently, “thin” tears mean you will likely experience chronic irritation, burning, and discomfort.

Sometimes, the cause of burning eyes is environmental. For example, staring at our phones and screens has all of us blinking 66% less frequently. Blinking less can definitely get our eyes burning, and even lead to permanent injury. [2] Other times, dry eye can be caused by allergies, chemicals, or wind. In many cases, there are internal changes in the body that lead to dry eye. The good news is that no matter which specific cause, dry eye can be successfully managed with a ProMed Eye Rescue Care Package.

eye irritation remedy

It’s poor quality— not quantity— of tears that make eyes burn

Dry eye can be brought on by hormonal changes, aging, nutritional deficiencies, or inflamed / blocked glands or ducts. This means that your burning eyes, tearing and irritation needs to be treated on multiple levels. 

Fortunately, the ProMed Eye Rescue Care Package has been carefully created by professionals. With this soothing eye care package, you can successfully manage irritated, watery, or burning eyes— from the inside out.

If your eyes are producing lots of “thin” tears that don’t contain the right balance of oils and saline, your eyes probably won’t seem “dry”. But watery eyes actually mean your eyes are starving for what they need. Similarly, opening your eyes underwater can feel this way, too. Obviously, that water isn’t lubricating the surface of your eyes! Eventually, if your eyes burn and feel irritated often, you may have a lot of tears and wetness. But if there is a blockage of glands or ducts, your “tear film” balance will be off.

Get relief if it “feels like something in my eye”

What can be done about burning eyes? A good answer is the ProMed Eye Rescue Care Package. This care package restores a soothing balance and fortifies “thin” tears from the inside out. A convenient, preservative-free eye spray with hyaluronan can immediately hydrate and lubricate the eyes without even taking a break. 

Moisture-boosting hyaluronan, [3] combined with a spa-like therapy mask and pure, professionally formulated nutritional supplements can all support proper tear production and improve vision health. Finally, help is on the way for your watery, irritated, burning eyes.  

The ProMed Eye Rescue Care Package provides everything you’ll need to interrupt the damaging cycle of irritated, burning eyes. Each care package contains:

BioDrop MD drops with hyaluronan 
BioDrop MD spray with hyaluronan 
ClearChoice Hypochlorous Spray
Omega-3 oil supplements 
Soothing eye therapy mask

Who gets dry eye?

Anyone who is overusing phones and screens is susceptible to dry eye, and that means people of all ages and stages of life. However, there are other additional factors that increase the likelihood of ending up in the chronic, life-altering irritation cycle of thin tears and burning eyes. If you are:

  • Over age 50 (tear production tends to diminish with age)
  • A woman (lack of tears can occur during hormonal changes linked to pregnancy, birth control, or menopause)
  • Eating a diet low in vitamin A (found in liver, carrots, broccoli)
  • Eating a diet low in omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish, walnuts and vegetable oils)
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • A patient who has had laser or cataract eye surgery
  • Undergoing chemotherapy

Any combination of these factors can result in chronically watering, irritated, and burning eyes.

Burning eyes? Don’t ignore them

People who have chronically burning eyes from dry eye may be tempted to ignore the condition. Or, they may attempt to manage it with the wrong types of drugstore treatments. Dangerously, this could lead to serious complications. 

Cynthia D. had chronic dry eye disease. Unfortunately, she had serious complications. For example, she says, “I had significant cornea scarring from undiagnosed dry eye disease. I had tried various eye drops over the years, but they stung my eyes and did very little to help ease the irritation which dry eye causes.”

Cynthia’s corneal specialist recommended daily use of hydrating eye drops. Thankfully, she finally found BioDrop MD preservative-free eye drops from ProMed. She is delighted. “Not only do I like them, but as a result of using them for nearly two years every day, I cannot believe the difference in my eyesight.” The preservative-free formula is different from what she was finding in drugstores. “Unlike other products, your eyes immediately feel soothed by the ingredients,” she says. To keep her eyes healthy, she adds, she still uses BioDrop MD, and “will continue to do so for the rest of my life.”

If your eyes are burning and irritated, or they are frequently watery, don’t ignore these warning signs of dry eye disease. Order the Eye Rescue Care Package and get relief. If left untreated, dry eye can lead to:

  • Eye infections (without balanced tears, risk of infection increases)
  • Ulcers and vision loss (if left untreated, severe dry eyes may lead to eye inflammation, abrasion of the corneal surface, corneal ulcers and vision loss)
  • Decreased quality of life (dry eyes can make it difficult to perform everyday activities, such as reading, driving, or using your screens)
dry eye

Tips to avoid irritated, burning eyes

If your eyes are irritated or watery, or you notice your eyes burning, pay attention to the situations that seem to trigger your symptoms. Here is a list of common eye-challenging conditions, along with some tips to help ease the impact:

  • Avoid air blowing in your eyes (aim hair dryers, car heaters, air conditioners, or fans away from your eyes)
  • Avoid dry indoor air (in winter especially, use a humidifier)
  • Avoid windy days (shields can be added to the tops and sides of eyeglasses or sunglasses to block wind from your eyes)
  • Take breaks from screen time (phones, reading, or hobbies requiring prolonged visual concentration dry out our eyes. Close your eyes for a few minutes, or blink repeatedly for a few seconds to help spread your tears evenly)
  • Avoid eye-challenging environments (high altitudes, desert areas, and inside airplanes can be extremely dry. Close your eyes for a few minutes at a time to minimize tear evaporation)
  • Don’t position computer screen too high (position your computer screen below eye level so you won’t open your eyes as wide)
  • Avoid cigarette smoke (smoking or being around smoke can worsen dry eye symptoms)
  • ProMed Eye Rescue Care Package provides soothing, professional relief from the inside out— no matter what triggers your irritated, watery, burning eyes.