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Menopause dryness natural remedies: for sore eyes!

When you search for menopause dryness natural remedies, you’ll typically see a certain focus. Drying skin, drying hair, and issues with sexual lubrication are the headliners. But have you also noticed that menopause is irritating your eyes? If so, you are in good company. After all, 61% of women experiencing perimenopause or menopause have “dry eye” irritation, burning eyes, or watering eyes. [1]

"[I've taken ProMed supplements for six months]... I no longer need to use my glasses to watch TV. I am also able to drive at night... I am so overjoyed with these results. I plan to continue taking these capsules."

Janet P.

“Dry eye” is one of several common menopause dryness complaints among women whose hormones are in flux. [2] Fortunately, there is a complete dry eye care system available, specially designed for women. ProMed’s unique menopause dryness natural remedies provide soothing comfort for your irritated, burning eyes— from the inside out. The ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package brings immediate relief to those suffering from menopause dryness and eye discomfort. The nutritional support included in this care package is powerful. For example, it can help protect and safeguard your vision quality for the rest of your life. On another note, we have heard from numerous women that the ClearChoice Hypochlorous Spray helps with other body dryness as well, and it is now available in convenient pre-soaked wipes.

BioDrop MD® drops with hyaluronan 
BioDrop MD® spray with hyaluronan 
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Omega-3 fish oil supplement 
ClearChoice® hypochlorous spray

Hormonal changes can irritate your eyes, cause dryness

Most women experience irritation and watering eyes after age 50, related to hormonal changes. However, it is not always discussed. Now, all women’s health issues related to menopause are finally getting the discussion they deserve. The traditional medical system has often overlooked menopause dryness, natural remedies, and special care for aging, irritated eyes. 

Consequently, women often don’t realize that there are effective natural remedies and therapies available. Let’s explore why these eye irritation issues are happening. Then it will make sense why the most effective approach needs to include the inside— not just the outside. [3]

Relieve menopause eye dryness naturally— from the inside out.

Preservatives in eye drops cause damage, irritation

You may have tried putting drops in your eyes to alleviate irritation. For example, Mollie, 53, had eye irritation as perimenopause started to affect her tear production. “Strangely, the drops from the drugstore seemed to add to the irritation, instead of help,” she recalls. But when she tried ProMed eye drops, they brought relief— and zero irritation. Of course, now it’s BioDrop MD only for her, especially when she’s working on her computer. So why are the ProMed BioDrop MD eye drops and spray so much more soothing?

In fact, ProMed BioDrop MD eye drops are preservative-free. Recently, the National Institute of Health identified a harmful ingredient in drugstore eye drops. Unsurprisingly, this common additive can be hard to avoid. Research indicates that the ingredient with the “greatest potential to adversely affect the ocular surface is the preservative.” It follows, then, that you must avoid preservatives when treating menopausal eye dryness. [4

Most eye drops you’ll find at your local drugstore will contain preservatives. Thankfully, the ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package is entirely preservative-free. Both the instant, soothing BioDrop MD eye spray, and the BioDrop MD moisturizing eye drops are perfectly safe, natural, and non-irritating.

Hyaluronan spray, drops are menopause dryness natural remedies

The ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package includes both an easy-to-use, quick-relief spray and therapeutic, long-acting eye drops. Both are preservative-free and contain prescription-quality hyaluronan, a hydrating substance which occurs naturally in the body. Hyaluronan alleviates the symptoms of dry eye disease— and aids overall visual function as well. 

Before menopause, dryness isn’t as much of an issue, because hyaluronan occurs naturally in various parts of the body, including the eyes. After menopause, it’s important to help protect your eyes from irritation and even ulceration if they are becoming too dry.

Hyaluronan helps improve dry eye symptoms caused by menopause in three ways. First, hyaluronan absorbs and holds 1000 times its weight in water. Second, it retains water and prevents moisture loss in the places it is present. Finally, it stabilizes the tear film— which means more lasting relief and comfort for your eyes.

Menopause dryness? Your eyes need natural remedies, too

The professionals at ProMed have put together the perfect care package. These natural remedies safeguard your vision and provide comfort to dry, irritated eyes. Did you know that there is also a hereditary form of blindness that affects post-menopausal women more than men? 

The condition, which often runs in fair-skinned, blue-eyed families, is called age-related macular degeneration (AMD). [5] Fortunately, your ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package contains supplements that provide essential preventive nutrients. These nutrients are clinically proven to slow the progression of blindness due to macular degeneration. 

ProMed nutritional supplements also help relieve chronic eye irritation and dry eye as well. For example, key nutrients are often missing from our diet, like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. Say you’re not eating enough of these nutrients in your food (fish and broccoli are excellent sources). Consequently, you may suffer the negative effects on the quality of your tears. However, it can be a big task to include healthy foods in your diet. To answer this need, ProMed’s nutrition-boosting, eye-protecting supplements are easy to add to your daily routine. They provide all the vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 recommended to support optimal vision— and eye comfort— in women over 50. [6]

Your OcuSci mask: natural eye treatment for menopause dryness

Included in the ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package is a spa-quality OcuSci hot/cold luxury eye therapy mask. This specialized compress can be used as a heat treatment, or chilled in the freezer for using when you’re warm. The ingenious design actually absorbs moisture from the air, releasing it through the warm mask as clean, deep-penetrating moist heat therapy. This targeted therapy provides soothing, welcome relief for your irritated eyes. 

HydroBlock technology prevents any moisture from evaporating from the mask. It directs the maximum amount of therapeutic, humid heat right to your eyelids. Sometimes, glands and ducts can become blocked, starving your eyes of lubricating fluid. This compress can help. In addition, the cover is machine-washable and contains silver, plus an antimicrobial. The compress also has a patented elastic nose piece lined with soft, pliable silicone for perfect fit and comfort. We’ve been told it fits perfectly on the back of your neck, too, for quick cooling relief if used cold.

The many ways ClearChoice Hypochlorous Spray can help -
and now available in convenient pre-soaked wipes

You might wonder how a Lid & Lash cleanser can help with irritated eyes. Surprisingly, the ClearChoice Hypochlorous Spray included in your ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package has many potential and amazing uses! In addition to removing irritants, makeup and debris from your lids and lashes, hypochlorous (HOCl) natural products can also be applied to your face to help improve rosacea and acne and to help treat blepharitis and demodex.

Doctors have used hypochlorous for years to eradicate pathogens, bacteria, and fungus. Removing these foreign agents of infection helps skin recover. Wherever on your body your skin is broken, damaged, inflamed, or irritated, studies have shown that a hypochlorous solution can safely be applied to relieve sunburn, incisions, tattoos, piercings, and skin infections as well. And a bonus – we’ve heard from various women that this product helps with other types of dryness (read between the lines!).

First and foremost, from the inside out, your ProMed MoisturEyes Care Package helps you take excellent care of your vision and eye health after 50. After all, protecting your eyes is essential. 

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