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Burning eyes, COVID vision problems? Get treatment

For many people with chronically burning eyes, COVID infections may be the culprit. New research has found that a COVID infection can cause physical changes to the eye surface. [1] In turn, these changes can result in discomfort. You may experience watering and burning eyes, blurred vision, and other chronic symptoms of dry eye disease.

If you need relief from burning eyes, COVID clinics and doctors may not offer much help. Unfortunately, drugstore eye drops often contain preservatives, which can cause even more irritation. Fortunately, you can now have targeted, professional-grade treatment for chronic burning eyes delivered to your door. The ProMed ViralEyes Care Package contains the highest quality, preservative-free, multi-level treatment regimen to soothe your burning eyes after a COVID infection.

"COVID has affected so many parts of the body; it's no surprise that it affects the eye,” [4]

Angie Wen, MD

Assistant professor of ophthalmology, cornea, cataract and refractive surgery at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai in New York City.

Latest research links corneal irritation, burning eyes, Covid-19

You’re not alone if you are suffering from irritated, burning eyes after a COVID infection. Forbes Magazine published an article in April of 2022 [2] citing the latest research about COVID’s long-lasting impacts on the eye. “While Covid-19 is commonly associated with infection of the lungs… a growing body of evidence suggests that infection can also impact the eye. Approximately 1 in 10 people exposed to Covid-19 experience at least one eye problem, such as dryness, redness, blurred vision and sensitivity to light.”

Another recent study found an even greater incidence of post-viral eye problems, reporting that “about 20% of people suffer from dry eye disease due to a Covid-19 infection… The most common Covid-19 [eye] symptom was blurred vision, followed by itching, pain and burning sensations… tearing, discharge and redness were also mentioned among the top symptoms.” [3

If your tear film is “thin,” eyes will itch, burn

Your eyes normally produce a healthy “tear film”. This glossy lubrication has three essential components: water, fatty oils, and mucus. A good balance of these three ingredients keeps the surface of your eyes well protected and comfortable. If COVID has affected your eyes, your tears may be “thin”, and your eyes may burn.

The good news is that your eyes may hurt less if you use treatments that relieve irritation from the inside out. For example, you can start the nourishing, multi-level treatment program inside the ViralEyes Care Package.

Soothing relief for burning eyes, from the inside out

The ViralEyes Care Package is delivered directly to you from eye care professionals. This convenient package takes a complete, multi-level approach to address the source of your burning eyes. COVID may have begun the cycle of dry eye disease, which means your “tear film” is now out of balance. To restore balance to your tears, and make them healthy and soothing again, the ViralEyes Care Package works in several ways.

First, the preservative-free BioDrop MD eye drops fortify the moisturizing power of your tear film with soothing, super-hydrating hyaluronan. Hyaluronan is a naturally-occurring moisture-booster that is found in many areas of the body, including your eyes. [5] As a quick and easy remedy any time your eyes are feeling irritated, you can also apply the preservative-free BioDrop MD Spray. Just close your eyes and spray, and the nourishing moisturizing ingredients find their way in, every time you blink.

Top-quality nutritional supplements, formulated to improve eye health

MACULA 2 Essentials

The burning eyes that may follow a COVID infection can also be accompanied by other vision problems. [6] Fortunately, the ProMed ViralEyes Care Package contains naturally sourced formulations of essential vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are specifically targeted to boost and protect your vision. In addition, they can help restore a healthy tear film.

Taking daily ProMed nutritional supplements can help relieve chronic eye irritation. For example, key nutrients are often missing from our diet, like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin A. Say you’re not eating enough of these nutrients in your food (fish and broccoli are excellent sources). Consequently, you may suffer the negative effects on the quality of your tears. However, it can be a big task to include more healthy foods in your diet. To answer this challenge, ProMed’s nutrition-boosting, eye-protecting supplements are easy to add to your daily routine. They provide all the vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 recommended to support optimal vision— and eye comfort.

Soothing relief for burning eyes

Deluxe eye therapy mask can be used hot or cold

Included in the ProMed ViralEyes Care Package is a hot/cold deluxe eye therapy mask. This specialized compress can be used as a heat treatment, or chilled in the freezer. The ingenious design actually absorbs moisture from the air, releasing it through the warm mask as clean, deep-penetrating moist heat therapy. This targeted therapy provides soothing, welcome relief for your irritated eyes. 

HydroBlock technology prevents any moisture from evaporating from the mask. It directs the maximum amount of therapeutic, humid heat right to your eyelids. Sometimes, when glands and ducts become blocked, your eyes may become low on lubricating fluid. This compress can help ease blockage. In addition, the cover is machine-washable and contains silver, plus an antimicrobial. The compress also has a patented elastic nose piece lined with soft, pliable silicone for perfect fit and comfort.

A complete care package of eye relief

The ProMed ViralEyes Care Package includes everything you’ll need to get relief from eye irritation. Additionally, it provides the targeted, carefully-formulated nutritional supplements that give your eyes relief and your vision a boost— from the inside out. You’ll receive: 

BioDrop MD drops with hyaluronan 
BioDrop MD spray with hyaluronan 
Eye essentials nutrition supplement 
Omega-3 oil supplement
Deluxe eye therapy mask